Our activities



From design to commissioning, TSO has the full range of skills needed for:

  • Classic lines
  • High-speed lines
  • Urban lines: trolleybus, tramway, metro, concrete track, 3rd rail, rigid catenary, conductor rail.

Many speed records have been broken on tracks laid by TSO on High-speed lines:

515.3 km/h
on the HSL Atlantic line in 1990
574.8 km/h
on the HSL East European line in 2007



TSO is an expert in track replacement, covering many of the major maintenance tasks required by:

  • Tracks
  • Switch & crossings
  • Level crossings
  • Catenaries

We can also carry out upgrading work at the same time:

  • Track realignment to increase operating speeds
  • Switches and crossing relocation
  • Level crossing relocation
  • Lowering of longitudinal profiles in preparation for electrification


Because safety is our most important priority, TSO provides you with responses designed and tailored to meet complex requirements. Our teams are committed to delivering turnkey projects and helping you with your electrification and upgrading projects.

Successful delivery of our projects is assured by our dedicated project team, which uses a short decision-making process to develop appropriate responses, at the same time as optimising resources.

Our service package includes:

  • Electrification for new lines
  • Upgrading and maintenance
  • Project scheduling
  • Design principles, basic design work, detailed design work, etc.


In addition to high level site surveys, TSO uses a 3D scanner & GPS to create a point cloud of the surveyed infrastructure. Following the survey the cloud point file is combined in the office to allow further analysis. This takes advantage of the limited access to railway and avoids the need to return to site in case any information is missing.

From these cloud points and with the use of pictures and historical records (when available) we are able to reproduce in detail OLE structures or create and surface model of the civil asset surrounding the OLE structure (overbridge, retaining wall etc.).

3D surveys also allow us to undertake a clearance and gauging exercise when records are missing or inaccurate.