Our Commitments

Right around the world, TSO puts people at the heart of its projects, and takes daily responsibility for the health and safety of its employees. Its prime goal is to reduce the number of occupational accidents. To achieve that goal, we have put in place a health and safety management system that complies fully with all the requirements set out in the OHSAS 18001 standard. Our annual health and safety roadmap is implemented in all our operating locations, and applies equally to our temporary employees and subcontractors.


We understand that hitting our targets requires our managers to lead by example through their personal response to a broad range of risks. We strive consistently to ensure that all our employees embrace a culture of proactive accident prevention.


We work on a daily basis to ensure that our employees are fully informed and aware of the rules they are required to respect, and that work is planned around the issues of health and safety. All our senior managers are trained in accident prevention.


To ensure that the health and safety requirements we set are properly implemented, our managers and network of accident prevention experts conduct regular audits and accident prevention inspections.